CPH Relations, PR and strategic communication are centre stage with CPH Relations, where close ties with the media ensure that client communications are placed in the relevant media. Our expertise lies in B2C communication, channeled to lifestyle magazines, TV, relevant papers, and social media.


RED CARPET – We handle red carpet events in cooperation with client and the press. Highlighted by large-scale events hosted for H.R.H Crown Princess Mary, Microsoft, PUMA, (Marie Carmen Koppel), Discovery Networks and Tour de France, amongst many others.


CELEBRITIES – Rikke handles media events for numerous Danish and international celebrities. Including H.R.H Crown Princess Mary, Bear Grylls, Mia Lyhne and many others.


BLOGGERE – Denmark is home to some of the most dedicated bloggers and it is always a pleasure being booked to market their portfolio through their media. Social Media is a prominent media outlet with Rikke Laursen.


In 2019 the Norwegian furniture and interior designer, SLETTVOLL, opened its first store in Denmark. CPH Relations were responsible for the launch with over 250 guests, DJ, a live band, catering of both champagne and food. CPH Relations handled the guest list as well, which consisted of both B2B and consumers.

Slettvoll lancering i Danmark

Launch of new TV channel - TLC by Discovery

In cooperation with PRD, CPH Relations launched the TV Channel, TLC, in the former home of Hans Henrik Palm on Hambros Allé in Hellerup. Among the guests were the Press, media clients, and celebrities. The channel hit record viewership in its first month, partly due to its stand-out launch event.

A special thanks to Sanni Wulff Vangsø

TLC - tv launch / red carpet

CELEBRITIES - TV and press coverage

Through 7 years as press director in the American broadcasting company Discovery Networks, Rikke Laursen hosted numerous events with influential and celebrated individuals. Her understanding of keeping the right balance between the press and the famous is unique. Among her favourite assignments were covering free diver, Stig Severinsen, breaking the world record under ice, and within 24 hours was in every Danish media. ‘I love it when my phone is constantly going off with calls from the press,’, says Rikke Laursen.

World Record - Stig Severinsen