Passing on from expertise accumulated over years of hard work culminating in various awards, most notably being crowned Master World Champion in 2019, Rikke runs a weekly exercise programme of over 200 people focusing on cycling and strength workouts. This operation centers around her Klampenborg shop, Capito, where she offers the world’s finest training gear made by Rapha a global clothing brand. Rikke is also a commentator on various Danish TV, podcasts and radio, she has produced her own TV show and is a successful live presenter. Moreover, Rikke facilitates speaking events and out-of-house talks, most notably one co-hosted with Danish Tour de France icon Jorgen Leth. Lastly, Rikke heads a PR agency, through which she hosts a plethora of upscale/red carpet events. CONTACT DETAILS RIKKE CEDERVALL LAURSEN E-mail: rikke.laursen@cph-relations.dk  

Photo: Søren Michaelsen

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